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Dr. Olympia Kyriopoulos
Συνεργάτης - Founder and CEO of OLYMPIASPACE & OLYMPIASPACE Foundation

A native of Darmstadt, Germany, Olympia grew up in a multicultural family of Greek and Polish parents. With an innate passion towards space, Olympia is a mechanical engineer (TU Darmstadt/University of California, Berkeley, 2000-2005) holding a Ph.D. in the field of applied physics research under microgravity (TU Darmstadt, 2006-2010). In recent years Olympia has led international aerospace projects in the fields of microgravity, satellite structures, space debris, manned and unmanned space exploration. She has been monitoring the rapidly developing market of commercial suborbital spaceflight for more than 15 years and has actively promoted the new spaceflight industry.

In recognition of her passion, professionalism and her contributions to the aerospace sector, she has been awarded with the Young Professional Women in Aerospace Award (WIA) and with the Woman of the Year Award in Greece for space ambassadorship and diversity. Her main vision is to bring space and space exploration closer to the common man. With this in mind Olympia seeks to motivate and inspire everybody from the man on the street to professionals about space exploration through conferences, symposiums and TEDx talks.

Dr. Olympia Kyriopoulos is the Founder and CEO of OLYMPIASPACE, a modern commercial space agency with the goal of easing access to space and official payload sales partner of BLUE ORIGIN, as well as the Founder of the OLYMPIASPACE Foundation, with the goal of inspiring children for STEAM and space exploration.